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Our  non-profit was established to provide safe access to clean, organic medicine. Our founder, Solana, had first hand life experience with her son's autism and how cannabis has changed his life for only the better.

Cannabis and Healing

We offer a broad array of cannabis medicines geared to address Autism, illnesses, senior care, anxiety and injuries. Our team will guide you through your options to make sure that you are comfortable with your treatment plan.

Our Promise to You

We will always provide clean, organic medicines, never cutting with any fillers, chemicals or unnatural additives. At Sol Canna Care, we hold ourselves to a higher standard because it's the only way it should be. 

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Cannabis Concierges

We offer in-home cannabis concierges services and phone consultations for out-of-state clients. We provide a personalized protocol for each patient, including follow-up appointments, to insure they receive the right products for their conditions. Let Sol Canna Care be your one-stop shop for all your organic cannabis needs.


"On Sunday we started our son on the GSC tincture, he typically has to wear a helmet due to self injurious behaviors. Since starting him on the tincture, he has not had to wear his helmet. He has stopped running away from his aides at school and is over all happier. Thank you Sol Canna Care". 

- Autism Mom.

"After using Sol Canna Care capsules for 8 months, my 27 year-old nonverbal daughter said "Mama" for the first time."

- Loni (Autism Mom)

Full Spectrum CBD

Organic&Non-gmo pure CBD vape cartridge. Uncut, no fillers, no chemicals, & no heavy .

Organic full spectrum CBD. Available in tincture,  vape cartridges,  transdermal patches, candies, roll on and lotions. 


Q:  Do I still need a cannabis recommendation for my child if California is "legal"?

A: Yes, California Prop 64 is an adult-use act. Children still qualify under Prop 215 in the state of California and it does require a valid doctor's recommendation for child and caregiver.

Q: Is Cannabis safe for  children?

A: Cannabis is the safest medicine available for children. There are no reported deaths due to cannabis in history ever.

Q: Is Cannabis a gateway drug?

A: Cannabis is not a gateway drug. It is being utilized to treat opioid addition as an exit drug, due to a massive opioid epidemic in our country, killing thousands of people annually due to prescription medications.


Cannabis Treatment


The active component of the cannabis plant, cannabinoids, have shown to inhibit tumor growth and kill cancer cells in lab testings. We work with a number of patients who use cannabis to treat their cancer and suppress its side effects. 



Cannabis has been shown to greatly alliviate symptoms and behaviors induced by Autism, with ZERO harmful side effects. Unlike like traditional pharmaceutical drugs being used to treat this disorder which can lead to long term health risks, Cannabis only improves the individuals life to allow them to not just survive but to THRIVE!


Chronic Pain & Autoimmune Disorders

Patients who suffer from chronic pain and autoimmune disorders  caused by diabetes, cancer, MS, HIV, and other diseases have been turning to medical cannabis as a way to treat their pain and health issues without the use of addictive pharmaceutical medications. 

Our Team

Medicinal Mama

Solana is the owner & founder of Sol Canna Care. She has been involved  in the cannabis field since 2009. She first began working with the autistic community in 2015 by treating her son whom has autism and was heavily suffering at that time. She found amazing results utilizing whole plant cannabis therapy and with that, ignited the fire in her to go out into her local community and serve other families struggling with the same issue she had been facing. 

She has successfully treated hundreds of individuals living with Autism.

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Please feel free to contact a member of our staff directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have. 

We provide cannabis treatment for Autism in Corona, and cannabis treatment for Autism in Riverside, utilizing CBD tinctures in Riverside.

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